DANN’s Night Out

September 30th, 2013 will be great fun. DANN is having a girls night out! We’re taking several girls living with a physical/mental challenge to a pizza party and concert. What’s so special about this is that the concert features Justin Hines. Don’t know him? Well, let me tell you. His music inspires even the faintest of hearts. Check him out at justinhines.com.
Looking forward to a great night!


Send Love to Ignorance and Hatred

I just read an article of a 13 year old boy, Max, living with Autism in Oshawa, Canada. His family received a hate letter, apparently signed from “one pissed off mother” in his neighborhood. Reading the article and seeing the comments from readers who shared both support and their own words of hatred toward the letter’s author shine through, it occurred to me that the outrage, though warranted, should get us thinking about “Love”. Yup, I said “Love”.
The definition of Ignorance is – lack of knowledge or information. Definition of Hatred is – a feeling of intense dislike. The person(s) who wrote this letter share both ignorance and hatred in their lives. It makes me ask – where did they learn that in their lives? When did their “fear” become so powerful that it has taken over their lives and is spilling out toward another person? Should we then also judge the letter writers? I am certainly not approving of what this individual(s) have done to Max and his family but rather than give them the spotlight and energy, look within and find how you can heal what and who is around you.
Collectively sending loving thoughts to all involved not only heals but keeps us centered in what is important and that is our own thoughts and actions. Ask yourself – if this news upsets you (and it should), then where in your own lives have you judged another for an action or because of who they are or who they may love? Start there and you will change lives by your actions of “love”. Choose to be different!

A HUGE thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that helped us at the Bele Chere festival in Asheville, NC this past weekend. You were amazing and made a difference! Also a HUGE thank you to all the folks who came to our booth, had great fun and gave your financial donations to Whoz DANN! We so appreciate the support!

What does it mean to be “Different”

According to the dictionary, “different” is described as:
“not alike in character or quality”
“not identical”
“not ordinary; unusual”
My personal favorite is “not ordinary; unusual”. Imagine a world where we all had brown hair. Same length and style. There would be no salons to choose our color or style to create a unique look for ourselves. Imagine that all clothing came in either solid blue or white. There would be no prints, no dyes – nothing. Imagine all businesses had the same signage, same layout, size and shape. Would you like that? Of course not!
What makes each of us unique is our desire and ability to create. Create our look, create our fashion designs and yes, create our businesses to be just a little “different”.
Every person has something to offer when creating their own style in the way they see themselves and their business. Being “different” is cool!
The next time you see someone showing their true, authentic self – stay away from judgement within your own limitations. Bless them and remember – they may be thinking you’re different.
Celebrate and embrace all of our differences!

Bele Chere Festival Asheville, NC

Going to be in Asheville, NC the end of July 2013? Then you gotta go to the largest free festival in the Southeast. Yup, I said FREE! Tons of Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Food… you name it. And when you’re there, stop by and see us. We’ll be selling wrist bands for the “legal” way to drink your alcoholic beverage on the streets. Did you know the City of Asheville allows non profits to help in this way and then gives a portion of the proceeds back to the non profits? Pretty awesome.

So what are you waiting for? See you in Asheville, NC July 26th and 27th.