Want to see what “different” means???

In a total act of love, this family not only chose to make a difference, they acted to change lives. I had the privilege to work with Kip (dad) at an event for Peak Potentials and I’m honored I get to call him my friend. Differences matter. Won’t you make a choice to be different?




Bele Chere Festival Asheville, NC

Going to be in Asheville, NC the end of July 2013? Then you gotta go to the largest free festival in the Southeast. Yup, I said FREE! Tons of Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Food… you name it. And when you’re there, stop by and see us. We’ll be selling wrist bands for the “legal” way to drink your alcoholic beverage on the streets. Did you know the City of Asheville allows non profits to help in this way and then gives a portion of the proceeds back to the non profits? Pretty awesome.

So what are you waiting for? See you in Asheville, NC July 26th and 27th.