A HUGE thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers that helped us at the Bele Chere festival in Asheville, NC this past weekend. You were amazing and made a difference! Also a HUGE thank you to all the folks who came to our booth, had great fun and gave your financial donations to Whoz DANN! We so appreciate the support!


What does it mean to be “Different”

According to the dictionary, “different” is described as:
“not alike in character or quality”
“not identical”
“not ordinary; unusual”
My personal favorite is “not ordinary; unusual”. Imagine a world where we all had brown hair. Same length and style. There would be no salons to choose our color or style to create a unique look for ourselves. Imagine that all clothing came in either solid blue or white. There would be no prints, no dyes – nothing. Imagine all businesses had the same signage, same layout, size and shape. Would you like that? Of course not!
What makes each of us unique is our desire and ability to create. Create our look, create our fashion designs and yes, create our businesses to be just a little “different”.
Every person has something to offer when creating their own style in the way they see themselves and their business. Being “different” is cool!
The next time you see someone showing their true, authentic self – stay away from judgement within your own limitations. Bless them and remember – they may be thinking you’re different.
Celebrate and embrace all of our differences!